WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO v6.9.4

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WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO

The WP Hide & Security Enhancer gathered tons of community attention as being the most effective and stable code in it’s class for hiding WordPress environment and dramatically increasing security. The active install growth reached outstanding performance, something that few popular plugins achieved. On top of being a free code, it became a must use plugin for many developers.

To achieve the many available features the plugin use a complex code structure and logic. Even so, the free code has certain limitation, for what reason many has sent feedback for additional functionality. The WP Hide PRO introduce the missing features to complete a suite of options to cover everything. It include additional modules and code extends to achieve the ultimate solutions for security protection.

New features that WP Hide PRO support:
Support for all servers
Supports all server types such as Apache, IIS, Nginx, Litespeed. Full support for Nginx rewrite rules with an unique optimizing algorithm for minimizing configuration data length. Simple format rewrite rules are also sported for Nginx.

WordPress MultiSite support along any type of above server type. The MultiSite environment can be set for either subdomain, subdirectory or individual domains. The plugin knows how to handle rewrite and urls re-map accordingly to MultiSIte set-up.

The plugin provides two types of set-up, global options and per site options. The Global is managed by site SuperAdmin and the rules are applied to all sites. When using the per-site set-up, each site owner can customize own settings which apply only for it’s site.


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