WooCommerce Order Status & Actions Manager v2.4.11

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WooCommerce Order Status & Actions Manager

WooCommerce Order Status & Actions Manager gplmonster

The most flexible, from Codecanyon affordable and advanced order management software for the WooCommerce platform. Check out the demo today.

Just a few reasons why our users love our plugin.

Action Scanner
Processing multiple orders? Scan them through and automatically define a status for them.

Dashboard Widget
Get a glance view on your order statuses. Choose which custom status to appear on the widget.

Email Notifications
Set emails to be sent to either customer, manager, both or even a custom address.

We understand icons are not always easy to read, choose a colour and a status style.

Managing orders has never been easier with the ability to choose out of 2000+ icons.

Display actions on the main orders page so you can quickly trigger your custom status.

Stay Focussed
We understand some products require many stages. Carpenters, dressmakers and others can stay focussed on their product while the status is managed by this plugin.

You can set whether this status requires customer input from their My Account page.

Product Reviews
Define at what stage of the workflow a review can be submitted. Each status can allow or disallow reviews.

Our plugin swiftly integrates with the already built-in reporting module in WooCommerce.

Product Editing
Disable the ability to edit the order. Useful to lock and protect from any changes happening.

Stock Control
Control what happens to the stock once an order status is set. Choose from increase, decrease or none.

Order Note Prompt
Ask shop managers if there are additional notes to add to the order when status is set.


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