WooCommerce Mixpanel v1.16.1

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WooCommerce Mixpanel

is a WooCommerce Extensions being developed by Woothemes. WooCommerce Mixpanel is designed to work with Mixpanel, the most advanced web and mobile analytics tool that gives you actionable metrics for your business. WooCommerce Mixpanel have so many features like :

This extensions required mixpanel.com account.

WooCommerce Mixpanel

Build complex queries with ease

WooCommerce Mixpanel

See trends to help you identify ways to increase revenue and customer happiness.

WooCommerce Mixpanel

WooCommerce Mixpanel Funnel Builder

WooCommerce Mixpanel

WooCommerce Mixpanel Deep Funnel Analysis

Download WooCommerce Mixpanel. You’ll receive the exact .zip file you would download from the original author. You can save your money up to 99% and 100% virus free.



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