SchoolMate - Complete School and College ERP solution 27-Apr-20

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SchoolMate – Complete School and College ERP solution

Features Of SchoolMate Software :- Student Management: Student management system helps in keeping track of student registration process. A user can add, modify or view modules intended to ease registration and identify student’s background during the admission procedure.

Staff Management: Staff management system helps in keeping track of staff registration process. A user can add, modify or view modules.

Library Management: Enables a user to maintain the book list with the date of it being issued and date of it when the book is returned.Its have Bar-code Facility also.

Payroll Management: It helps in maintaining the payroll for the staff.

Notifications and Alerts: Students, teachers, staff, etc. Are informed of various activities and happenings through email/sms alerts.

Timetable Management: School timetable software enables a user to set the time table as For the Exams.

Hostel Management: Hostel management system enables the feature of managing the school students living in the school premises i.e. Hostel, school management system manages the hostel activities of Hosteler’s Students.

Attendance Management: School attendance management system track the daily attendance of the students and Staffs and sort out the list of students coming under requirement list of attendance.

Examination Management: Make it easy to examine the students and record the results of students easily and Also Prints Attractive Mark sheet and Grade Sheet .

Import Bulk Data From Excel: you can Easiliy Import bulk Data(Students and Employees) From Excel and Export Bulk Data from Application to Excel Sheet also ….!!!!

Reports Management: This module allows a user to generate very Attractive reports which maybe designed specifically to supply the needs of the institution.

Main Features are:

  • Master Entry :
  • School Types Entry
  • School Entry
  • Class Type Entry
  • Class Entry
  • Section Entry
  • Class Sections Entry
  • Sessions Entry
  • Employees Department Entry
  • Designations Entry
  • Fee Types Entry
  • School Fees Entry
  • Bus Entry
  • Location Entry
  • Bus Intallments Entry
  • Hostel Entry
  • Hostel Installments
  • Grading Levels Entry
  • Exams Entry
  • Book Suppliers Entry
  • Books Classifications Entry
  • Books Category Entry
  • Books Sub Category Entry
  • Books Entry
  • Book Suppliers Entry
  • Journal’s and Magazines Entry
  • Student Documents Entry


  • Student Registrations
  • Student Discounts Entry
  • Student Hostelers Entry
  • Students BusHolder Entry
  • Students Attendance Entry
  • Student’s Class Promotions Entry


  • Employee Bus Holders
  • Employee Discount’s
  • Employee Attendance
  • Employee Salary Payments
  • Employee Salary Payment Attractive Receipts

Library Management:

  • Books Fine Setting
  • Books Reservations
  • Books Issue
  • Books Return
  • Journal and Magazines Billings


  • Exam Schedule
  • Final Marks Entry
  • Mark sheets Printing
  • Grade Sheets Printing
  • Marks Ledger


  • School Fees Payment
  • Bus Fees Payment By Students
  • Bus Fees Payment By Staff
  • Hostel Fees Payment
  • Fees Payment Attractive Receipts

Bar code Generators:

  • Random Bar code Generator
  • Books Bar code Generator

Reports (Using Crystal Report)

  • Student Report
  • Employee Report
  • Books Reservations Report
  • Fees Due List Reports :-
  • School Fees
  • Bus Fees
  • Hostel Fees
  • Books Issue Report Students
  • Books Issue Report Staff
  • Books Fine Collection From Student
  • Books Fine Collection From Staff
  • Bus Fees Payment Report
  • Salary Report
  • Student Marks Report
  • Student Grade Report
  • Identity Cards of Students

Advance Record Searching:

  • Student List
  • Employee List
  • Hostellers List
  • Books List
  • Books Issue
  • Book Return List
  • Fees Due List For :-
  • School Fees
  • Bus Fees
  • Hostel Fees
  • School Fees Payment List
  • Salary Payment Records
  • Hostel Fees Payment List
  • Bus Fees Payment List Student’s
  • Bus Fees Payment List Staff’s
  • Employee Advance Payment List
  • Employee Salary Payment List
  • Books Suppliers List
  • Books Reservations List of Staff
  • Books Issued List of Students
  • Books Issued List of Staff
  • Books Return List of Students
  • Books Return List of Staff
  • Subjects List
  • Exam Schedule List
  • Result List

Other Features:

  • Power Full User Rights Management System
  • SMS Feature is Available
  • Import Bulk Data From Excel
  • Email Feature
  • Logs maintain facility
  • Database Backup option
  • Database Recovery option
  • Change Password
  • Password Recovery

Login Information:

  • For Admin:
  • User Type – Admin
  • User Name – admin
  • Password – 12345


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