Product Quantity for WooCommerce Pro By WPFactory v3.2

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Product Quantity for WooCommerce Pro

Product Quantity for WooCommerce plugin lets you manage product quantities for order (i.e. cart) in WooCommerce. You can set minimum / maximum / step / fixed product quantities in a lot of ways, like:

  • Cart total min/max quantity – will check minimum and/or maximum quantity for all products in cart (i.e. sum of all quantities).
  • Per item quantity – will check minimum and/or maximum quantity for each product in cart. This value is applied to all products (i.e. same minimum and/or maximum quantity for each item).
  • Per item quantity on per product basis – similar to “Per item quantity”, but lets you set different minimum and/or maximum quantity for every product. Works with variable products (i.e. different quantities can be set for each variation).
  • Fixed quantities per product: You can allow / disallow specific quantity/quantities for a specific product, or all products at once.
  • Fixed quantity on cart level: Regardless of what products are in cart, you can set specific quantity/quantities that are only allowed in cart.
  • Specify min / max / fixed quantities per category: This can let you specify total number as min/max/fixed for all products under the same category.

Product Quantity for WooCommerce plugin also includes these features:

  • Enabling decimal quantities in WooCommerce,
  • Replacing standard WooCommerce quantity number input with dropdown,
  • Setting exact (i.e. fixed) allowed or disallowed quantities (as comma separated list),
  • Validating and (optionally) correcting quantities on add to cart button click,
  • Forcing initial quantity on single product page and/or archives to either min or max quantity,
  • Setting quantity input style,
  • Customizing messages your customer sees,
  • Enabling/disabling cart notices,
  • Optionally stopping customer from reaching the checkout page on wrong quantities,
  • Adding product quantity info on single product and/or archive pages.


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