Page Generators Pro - WordPress Page Builder v4.3.7

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Page Generators Pro – WordPress Page Builder

Generate Unlimited, Unique Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types

Quickly generate unique, unlimited content (Pages, Posts and Custom Posts) to maximise your search engine presence with our WordPress Mass Page Creator Plugin.

Whether it’s building city or locality-specific pages, or drip feeding fresh content to your blog for the next month, Page Generator Pro provides a range of functionality for all of this, and more.

Create, edit and run unlimited keywords and content templates. Import and export functionality allows you to quickly copy keywords and templates to any of your Page Generator Pro installations.

Keywords store the unique terms that you want to populate your Pages with, such as cities, counties, zip codes, business services and more. They’re then inserted into Page Generator Pro’s templates (known as Content Groups).

When content is generated, Page Generator Pro uses a different, unique term from each of the keywords in your content for each generated page, resulting in unique, search engine friendly content with no duplicates.

Powerful keyword transformations allow you to change the case of keyword terms, as well as extract sub terms from your list of terms – for example, to only use the city name from a list of detailed locations stored in a keyword.

Stuck for keyword term ideas? Just enter your keyword, click save, and Page Generator Pro will automatically produce a list of terms (synonyms) for you.

Page Generators Pro1

Dominate Search Engines and Local Markets
Generate location keywords comprising of all or any of city, counties, ZIP codes, phone area codes and phone country codes, either within a given radius / start point or a geographical area, such as a city, county or region.

Combined with our powerful Google Maps, Yelp! Business Listings, Wikipedia content and YouTube widgets, you can generate mass, rich location-specific content quickly – for example, automatically generate 250 city and/or zip code-specific pages within your area, each with an image of that location, with a Google Map, local restaurants, local video and other content.

Need to build a series of state or county pages, with city pages as their children? No problem – generate your state pages, and then use the Page Attributes to define the parent state page when generating city-specific child pages.

Page Generators Pro2

Generate Locations: ZIP Codes, Cities, Counties, Regions and Phone Area Codes
Page Generator Pro’s Keyword system also provides functionality to automatically generate location specific keyword lists, which can include some or all of ZIP Codes, Cities, Counties, Regions, Phone Area Codes and/or Phone Country Codes.

Location Keyword lists can be built by specifying a start location and radius, or geographical area(s) (such as a cities, counties and/or regions).

Location Keywords are like any other Keywords in Page Generator Pro – they can then be edited and used in content groups to generate multiple, location-specific Pages to target your audience.

Data includes 250 countries, ~ 4,000 states / regions, ~ 45,000 counties and ~ 2.6 million cities / towns, updated daily. Any Pro license includes full access to this dataset, with no additional charge.

Page Generators Pro3

Import Existing Keyword Lists
If you have existing lists of terms, or relational keywords and terms, Page Generator Pro provides two methods to quickly import this data into keywords:

  • Import Text File: Import all data in a text file to a single keyword,
  • Import CSV File: Import keywords and terms in a CSV file, storing the results as individual keywords based on your CSV column headings.

Keywords can then be inserted into Page Generator Pro’s template fields, including the title, content, excerpt and other fields.

Page Generators Pro4

Rich and Full Content Control
Page Generator Pro’s interface matches the standard WordPress Page and Post edit screens, where you can edit the Title, Permalink, Content, Excerpt, Custom Fields, Advanced Custom Fields and more.

Keywords can be inserted into any of these fields, and depending on the Post Type you’re generating content for, additional options are available – such as Post Formats, Page Templates and Taxonomies.

Powerful keyword transformations allow you to:

  • Change the case of keyword terms,
  • Extract sub terms from your list of terms (for example, to only use the city name from a list of detailed locations stored in a keyword),
  • Force a specific term be used for a keyword.

Page Generators Pro5

Spintax, Nested Spintax and Block Spinning Support
Generate truly unique, non-duplicate content by writing content using spintax, nested spintax and Your post count must be 5 in order to see this link. You currently have 3 post(s).

Page Generator Pro performs automatic spinning of any spintax you supply in the Title, Content, Excerpt, Custom Fields, Advanced Custom Fields and more, choosing the content to produce at random for each generated page.

Best of all, keywords can be used within spintax.

Stuck for spintax ideas, or don’t understand how to use spintax? Page Generator Pro provides options to:

  • Automatically spin non-spintax content for you, with no need to understand spintax notation,
  • Select words or paragraph(s), and replace them with automatically generated spintax notation in one click.

Refer to the Your post count must be 5 in order to see this link. You currently have 3 post(s) to learn more.

Page Generators Pro6

Page Builder Support
Page Generator Pro supports most Page Builders. Specifically, we’ve tested the following WordPress Page Builders:

  • Ark (Theme)
  • Avada 5.0+ (Theme)
  • Avia Layout Builder (Plugin)
  • Beaver Builder (Plugin)
  • BeTheme (Theme)
  • Divi 3.0+ (Theme)
  • Elementor and Elementor Pro(Plugin)
  • Enfold (Theme)
  • Fusion Builder (Plugin)
  • Fresh Builder (Plugin)
  • Muffin Page Builder (Plugin)
  • Pro (Theme)
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder (Plugin)
  • The Divi Builder (Plugin)
  • Visual Composer (Plugin)
  • WPBakery Visual Composer 5.0+ (Plugin)
  • X (Theme)

Work with a Page Builder not listed above? Your post count must be 5 in order to see this link. You currently have 3 post(s) and we’ll be happy to test it and consider adding support for it.

Page Generators Pro7

SEO Friendly
Page Generator Pro works with your SEO Plugin as standard, including Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, SEOPress, Rank SEO and more.

Their native settings are displayed in your Content Groups, and also support keywords.

For interlinking, the Related Links Shortcode ensures that generated Groups of Pages are linked to each other.

Page Generators Pro8

Advanced Scheduling Functionality
Generated Pages and Posts can be set to publish immediately or scheduled for future / past publication, to drip feed content to your WordPress web site.

Scheduling options include defining a specific date, incrementing each generated Page/Post a specific number of days/hours after the previous, or having Page Generator Pro choose a random date between a given start and end date.

Page Generators Pro9

Powerful Content Generation
Pages can be generated using one of three methods:

  • All: Generates Pages for all possible combinations of terms across all keywords used.
  • Sequential: For each generated Page, honors the order of terms in each keyword used.
  • Random: Selects a term at random from each keyword for each generated Page.

You can test your settings, to produce one draft Page, before generating all Pages; and there’s also the option of limiting the number of Pages to generate, and optionally defining a resume index – ideal if a previous page generation task did not finish.

Using AJAX, Page Generator Pro will generate as many pages as necessary, without running into memory or server errors.

Users with WP-CLI installed on their web host can use our WP-CLI commands to test, generate and delete content through the command line.

Page Generators Pro10

Overwrite Generated Content
Need to refresh your existing generated content, or spotted a mistake that needs fixing?

Edit your existing generated content in bulk by using the Overwrite option in Page Generator Pro.

The overwrite option also allows the preservation or update of the original content’s published date.

Page Generators Pro11

Embed Dynamic Images, Maps, Wikipedia and Yelp Content
Automatically embed dynamic content using Page Generator Pro’s shortcodes:

  • Google Maps
  • Wikipedia
  • Yelp! business listings
  • YouTube

Our shortcodes include full support for keywords, ensuring that the media for each generated Page is related to the content – such as a Google Map based on the {city} location keyword, or a YouTube video about a particular service.

Page Generators Pro12

Page and Post Attributes Support
When generating Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types, you can choose to assign them to your Theme’s specific templates. There are also options to define the parent page, if you want to assign your generated Pages to a specific parent page.

Page Generators Pro13

Full Taxonomy Support
Choose taxonomy terms to assign to your generated content, or have Page Generator Pro create new taxonomy terms. Keyword support in taxonomies is provided.

For more control, use the Generate Terms functionality, to quickly produce thousands of Taxonomy Terms for your Categories, Tags and custom Taxonomies.

Page Generators Pro14

Discussion and Author Options
For discussion, simply enable or disable comments on the Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types you’re generating.

For authors, either assign generated content to a specific author, at random, or rotate through all WordPress Authors on your web site.

Page Generators Pro15

SERP Shaker, Local Pages Ninja, Local Business Page Builder or Magic Page Builder User?
We think Page Generator Pro provides more value for money. There are no upsells or restrictions on what you do with the sites you build. You receive the same functionality and support regardless of which license you purchase, and we include all country, region, county, city and ZIP code data for the entire planet – no need to purchase country-specific data licenses.

We’re here to stay (having been developing Page Generator Pro since January 2014, Your post count must be 5 in order to see this link. You currently have 3 post(s)), provide great functionality and stability, backed with our one to one email support.

Finally, we don’t hype potential earnings or claims, and offer a 14 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


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