Ninja Forms Layout and Styles v3.0.28

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Ninja Forms Layout and Styles

Do you want more out of your forms than the default look and feel?

Need to tweak the appearance of your form to better match your site?

Wish you could easily create rows and columns, resize fields, or tweak the way a form displays?

Just want to save time on aesthetic changes by making them in your form builder instead of editing your theme?

Changing the layout and styles of a WordPress form usually requires manually editing files with CSS code. Even if you know CSS well, it can be a time consuming process. For those of us that don’t know CSS at all or lack the expertise to use it well, it can be an intimidating and frustrating experience.

There’s a better way to style your WordPress forms, without editing files or mastering CSS: Layout and Styles for Ninja Forms!

Using Layout and Styles, nearly every aspect of your form’s appearance can be changed within your form builder. You’ll find global form styling options under the Advanced menu of your form builder. Each field can be styled individually as well simply by opening that field’s settings window.


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